Stay With Me Awhile

Loren Kleinman to release eagerly anticipated fourth poetry collection: Stay With Me Awhile
Kleinman, a recipient of the Spire Press Poetry Prize and a Pushcart Prize nominee, brings longing and love to the fore in her latest collection. This collection of prose poems demonstrates a step change in how contemporary American poetry can be written, and ultimately consumed.

Poems such as I Let Him, Half-finished Garden, and The Heart, a Lost Child, show how the author grows on the page, opening herself up to her audience – offering her inner workings to demonstrate how raw love can be.

Loren is a faculty member at New York Writers Workshop, a writer for the Huffington Post, columnist for, and co-founder of National Translation Month – where she celebrates poetry in translation from around the world.

Jessica Kristie, founder of Winter Goose Publishing, said: “Loren is a timeless point. She speaks of this age, and the next, never failing to shine a light on the stark, dark, revelations that many miss in the day to day of living.

“We're delighted to be publishing Stay With Me Awhile, and we have no doubts that it will form a key part of Loren's legacy as one of America's finest young poets.”

Kleinman's work continues to receive critical acclaim from audiences and fellow writers alike.

Stay With Me Awhile is provocative and stirring, a lyrical explosion of ideas that will make you howl, cry, and laugh, hungry for contact, longing for connection.
Peter Tieryas
Peter Tieryas
Author of United States of Japan and Bald New World
She has seen a parallel world where the miraculous is ordinary, and the ordinary is miraculous. Emotions are sentient, a clock grows horns, and the presence of cherry blossoms feeds erotic hunger.
Joel Allegretti
Joel Allegretti
Author of Father Silicon